PRACAS Infosys has been providing Website Analysis & IT Audit Service, Website Redesigning, Corporate Email, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Website Development, Mobile Phone Prototyping, Sketching, Application Framework Designing, Planning & Development, Social Media Management, IT Consultancy Services, IT Security, Data Loss Prevention solutions & Vulnerability Management.

PRACAS Infosys has been providing its services since 2007 AD in Biratnagar and providing Web development and Technical Consulting solutions to the various business firms, industries, hospitals, educational institutions, NGOs and INGOs.

IT Consulting

It helps to improve the performance, scalability and competitiveness of your organisation.

Application Development

It enables an organization to be adaptive through robust architectures and innovation.

Digital Branding

Digital branding is the key to establishing a meaningful connection with your target audience.


Clients ranging from Africa, USA, UAE, & Australia from attractive SEO Optimized Websites to high performance dynamic & CMS based website, Web Applications, Software, Digital Marketing Solutions.


At PRACAS Infosys, our mission is to foster technological innovation and excellence by leveraging the talents of IT students from Eastern Nepal. Our commitment is to cultivate a nurturing environment that encourages continuous learning, creativity, and professional development.


Our vision is to be a leading IT company that not only delivers cutting-edge technology solutions globally but also significantly contributes to the development of local communities in the Koshi Province.

Incubated in 2007

PRACAS Infosys is an information technology consulting firm located at Biratnagar. We have been serving since 2007 and providing services like website development, corporate and business email service, search engine optimization, digital marketing, business management, corporate branding, and IT consulting in Nepal.

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