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Setup Yandex Email

Setup Yandex Email

Prakash Upreti
·Feb 2, 2022·

1 min read

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Verify Account :

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Download Mobile Apps :

Android Apps : iOS Apps :

Webmail Login : Login with your email id (only username is required)

Outlook / iPhone / iPad email client setup :

Use the following IMAP and SMTP config for custom email client:


Server: Port: 993 with SSL enebled

Server: Port: 465 with SSL enabled

Blog Tutorials Verify your email address :

Setup Email Signature :

Setup Email in Mozilla Thunderbird :

How to backup email in Microsoft Outlook ?

Setup Custom email in Microsoft Outlook

Send Big Files in email

YouTube Video Tutorials

Import emails from Gmail to Yandex Mail

Setup Email in Microsoft Outlook

Setup email in Thunderbird

Setup email in Microsoft Outlook 2013

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