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Is your Gmail account full?

Is your Gmail account full?

Prakash Upreti
·Apr 30, 2019·

2 min read

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Gmail is a free email service provided by Google. In Gmail, Users can access on the web, using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols. Gmail provides several gigabytes of e-mail data storage, which means users don’t have to get worried about not getting e-mail due to outstanding available storage. It has one of the excellent spam detection available which means almost all spam is filtered into the delete option, so you don’t get troubled.

Here the process shown below describe about how to delete large files :

1) Open Web Browser then in the address bar Type and press enter.


2) Enter your “Email Id or Phone Number” then Click on “Next”


3) Enter your “Password” then press “Next” button.


4) Now you will get a search panel just above your mails, click on that Search panel.


5) After opening “Search panel ” there are many options displayed.


6) Click on “Size” button, there are two options: choose any one greater than for heavier file and less than for light file.


7) Select an option: MB / KB / Bytes and type a files size.


8) Select the “Date within” and select an option then click on “Search” button.


9) Now files with your search parameters are displayed. Select file or files to be deleted then click on “Delete” icon to delete from your Gmail storage.


In this way you can search unwanted or big files and delete them from your Gmail storage. This is how you can free up storage space of any Gmail account.

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